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VoicePing Enterprise

VoicePing Enterprise is the full featured closed source version with support. You can try VoicePing on:

Join the same public channel ID and try PTT from the web to the Android/iOS app and vice versa. You will find VoicePing has very clear audio and low latency1.

VoicePing Enterprise has more features than VoicePing Open Source which can be found here.


Push To Talk

  • Push To Talk (1-1): Make private calls that no one else can hear.
  • Push To Talk (Group): Talk to a group of up to 500 users.

Group Channels

  • Multi Channel Scanning: Active Channel is switched automatically when someone is talking.
  • Mute Groups: Silent Groups that you do not need to hear right now.
  • Leave Groups: Leave Groups to save on Battery.
  • Dynamic Groups: Add, remove or create new groups from Android or Web App.

Unified Field Communication

  • Texting: Send text in VoicePing Mobile or VoicePing Web Texting or Desktop.
  • Text to Speech: Have text read out to you when you receive them. Supports Multiple Languages.
  • API: Send automated Text via API. Send Interactive Text with question and answers. Get location. Manage Groups and group members.
  • Send Pictures: Send HD pictures in VoicePing.
  • Send Videos: Send 720p Videos (Auto Compressed) in VoicePing.
  • Auto Forward Pictures to Email: Pictures can be auto forwarded to email for archival or re-sending.
  • Voice/Video Calls: Make Private Voice/Video Calls using VoIP.


  • Wired Headset Support: Hear and PTT via Wired Headset with PTT Toggle Mode Button.
  • Bluetooth Headset Support: Hear Incoming PTT. Best Paired with Bluetooth PTT Button.
  • Bluetooth PTT Button Support: Activates PTT without needing to touch phone


  • Priority Calls: Override conversation to send urgent messages.
  • SOS: Gets everyone into the emergency channel quickly.
  • Paging: Urgent and constant alert to get someone's attention.
  • Default SOS: Quickly press PTT button five times to send a SOS to a pre-defined channel.


  • Download Group Conversation: Download as audio, text and picture files of the entire group conversation as company admin.
  • Download Private Conversation: Download as audio, text and picture files of the entire private conversation between any pair of users.


  • Live Location Tracking: See where everyone is now on a map
  • View Historical Location: See where one person has been
  • Download Location Data: Download the location data via Excel or API
  • View Location in App: Admins can view location of users in the Android or Web App

Multi Platform Support

  • Android Supported: Android 5 to Android 11 supported. With or Without Google Services.
  • iPhone Supported: iPhone version available. Runs in Background to allow for Real Time receiving of PTT.
  • Desktop Version: Web Based version to connect office and field workers.

Consulting/Partnership, Services & Pricing

If you would like help on server setup, maintenance, customization, please contact so tha we can help you. VoicePing Enterprise is also available for customisation, rebranding and source code purchase.


[1] Latency: time between someone talks in a device until the other hears the audio on another device