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Walkie Talkie/Push To Talk Android SDK for your Chat Apps

  1. Need to add walkie talkie or push-to-talk functionality to your Android app?
  2. Worry no more, you can add it quickly with VoicePing Android SDK that works with VoicePing Open Source Router.
  3. Simple integration, customizable, and free! What are you waiting for? 🎉

VoicePing Android SDK works together with VoicePing Open Source Router to allow you to quickly add group voice broadcast capability to your app. The Android SDK comes with a reference Android App with UI that demonstrates the one button Push-To-Talk interface.


  1. Easy to integrate to your app
  2. Low data consumption suitable for Mobile Devices: Opus Codec, defined as 16Khz, 60ms Frame size. ~300KB per 1 minute of speech.
  3. Works over all network conditions (2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi)
  4. Auto-reconnect feature when Internet connection is lost
  5. Uses secure WebSocket for transport
  6. Works for Android SDK (16 to 30) and Android OS version 4.1 to 11
  7. Low battery consumption

Use Cases

  1. An Uber like application can connect a group of drivers together based on their location or zipcode
  2. For Enterprise applications like housekeeping applications, allow a group call to all housekeepers on a certain floor (level) of the hotel
  3. For SOS apps, activate voice broadcast if a user is in distress
  4. For Chat Apps, allow some users to send instant voice messages that do not need to be manually played.

Get Started

You can test our sample app here: Download VP Demo app. The sample app allows you to test the Walkie Talkie function. Input any user ID and company name. Devices should have same company name to be able to communicate, but different user ID.

If you enter the channel with the same user ID in the same company, the previously entered device using the user ID will be out (exited) from the channel.

How simple is it to add VoicePing SDK to your app?

SDK in your app

See those mic buttons? Yup, that button is the only thing you need to add to your app to have PTT functionality.

But what if you don't want a mic button but another UI instead? We have got it covered. You can customize it.